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Knowing my personal story, you may relate, you may not but one thing I want to do is to encourage you, to inspire you and for you to never give up on chasing your dreams.

Most Online industry leaders and other will always show the glitz and the glamor, the flashy cars, the mansions and the high life. However, most never share with you the pain, the sacrifice and the losses along the way.

I have had Multiple Product Launches,
Product launches generating millions of dollars online

I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and seen a side a life not many experience and even though I am both grateful and have been blessed I have gone through some very deep and dark places, I have both suffered and endured and never gave up.

This might sound like a cliché but I’m going to share with you my story and from my story I want you to know that wherever you maybe in your life right now, whatever it is what you want, that you can manifest and create that reality that you want and desire, but this will take faith, commitment, and for you to fight with every ounce of energy you have and never give up.

I grew up with my father working as cab driver. He would work nights and he worked extremely hard to provide for everyone. I would hardly see him during the day as I would be at school and when I returned from school, he would be getting ready for work. So, I respected my father for his sacrifice and his work effort.

I went to school,

Tried hard and did my best. Then in March the 2nd 2001, I was still a teenager and that was a day that was the first time I truly understood the pain of loss. My brother has sadly died in a car crash and this sent my family in turmoil and my mother had suffered from a mental breakdown.
My father tried his best to hold the family together and this was a pivotal moment and a defining moment for me, and I didn’t realise it.
The days, months and years passed, life moves forward, there was huge strain on my parent’s relationship and I then liked to keep myself more isolated.
Attending college, I had barely passed the exams and due to my lack of attendance I was to be removed but with the one of the tutors, I was blessed with an opportunity, a last chance. He actually somehow was able to get one a final chance as the college was to remove me due to my lack of attendance. I didn’t take that chance given to me for granted and I passed and just had enough credits to get into university.
I was always taught, work hard, get good grades, go to university and get a good job and that’s life. This road map was all I knew. University was a not for me, I barely attended, I felt a disconnect. I had no passion and no excitement.
There was a moment when I just remember thinking, what options have I actually got?
I was working part time at a supermarket, would I go full time? Would I become a cab driver just like my dad or there was an opportunity I could join the police service as a police officer as I didn’t need a university degree? All I knew in my heart that I couldn’t carry on with university and my options were limited without any qualifications.


I then applied for the police service which had multiple different processes for entry but at the point I dropped out of university. I was a dropout. My time was spent wasted on the sofa watching TV.
I continued with applying to the police and nearly a year later, and a rigorous application process including multiple interviews, mental & physical exams, I had passed!
I can only say the thought of knowing I had no other options, this train of thought its self was a major factor of getting me through everything. Finally, I had a career, a career my father was proud of, especially as I had dropped out of university.
I was now a fully fledge serving police officers, a part of the one of the best police services in the entire world and working in London. I had a career that had job security, a pension plan and other perks. I just needed to work 35 years and I get my pension. I thought ok, now I’m set for life.
Being an ethnic officer, I faced many challenges, even seeing other colleagues with far less experience being push forward for courses and other entitlements. Whether this was favouritism or anything else I will never know but I kept a clear focus on myself. I taught myself to be so outrageously effective and good, and work twice as hard as anyone else.
I went into work every day with the thought of today maybe my last day and I was willing to put everything on the line. As crazy as it may sound now but I was willing to die for my job, willing to die helping and saving others.
I dealt with thousands and thousands of people, emergency calls and scenarios most people will never experience, witness or deal with. Such as murder, rape, drugs, sudden death, dead bodies, stabbing, robberies. Those experiences never leave you, but it showed me the truth. It showed me the real reality of how people are living, people dying and much more.
I was tested time and time again, I have been beaten up, I have had to tell families that their loved one had passed away, I have had to do examinations of dead bodies, I have had to see my colleagues, my friends bleeding to death so much more.


I was a riot trained Police officer also and I was on the frontline of the notorious Tottenham riots which occurred in august 2011. I was the immediate police line towards hundreds of rioters, rioters that were armed with bricks, knives, and glass and other objects. Those rioters wanted to inflict as much damage to police that night and that is something will never forget.
Through my commitment and dedication in my role as a police officer, I have been awarded many quality service reports(QSR), awards, & commendations including the highest award any police officer can receive, the commissioner’s commendations during an awards ceremony from the commissioner of police personally. The awards do not define me, but they give an insight and reflection of the true commitment and sacrifice I gave in doing my job and helping and saving others.


Commendation Ceremony

Borough Commander's
Commendation Ceremony


There was an opportunity that presented itself to me. I was told by someone close to me the success they were having online and how I too could no longer need to be in the rat race, and I could break free and live a life of fulfilment.
Imagine being told that it was possible to make your yearly salary in just a month. As this was someone close to me, I knew this was verified. In those moments, I visualized the freedom I could have, the lives I could reach on a global level, the impact I could have on people’s lives all around the world. I didn’t have it figured out, but I knew deep down my purpose was far greater then working in just one city.
I hesitated and asked if this was right, was I sure. I can’t explain the thoughts in my mind, to give up a career, everything I had worked so hard to achieve. The thought of living a life of great purpose and ultimate fulfilment over powered everything and call it intuition, call it trust but there and then I made the decision to resign.
It true what they say, when you do make a decision and some time passes, your mind will challenge your decision, fear will set it, the fear of the unknown, the fear of job security, the fear of not knowing “will this work” and will this make money or is this just an empty dream.
During this time of my pending resignation, I was reluctant to tell my colleagues, my friends, because I knew they would tell me I was wrong, I was making the biggest mistake of my life and that thought, and feelings may cloud my judgement.
I made a commitment, I made that decision to resign and I had to stay true to that and I had to have integrity. Sure enough when I told my friends, my colleagues, they told me I was wrong, I was making a BIG mistake and I would regret it.
Not long after, my police badge, my handcuffs and uniform were handed in and I felt anxious, I felt worried about the what would happen next, I had no idea and what the future held for me. All I knew there was no going back. I couldn’t go back, I had to stick my decision and make this online marketing work and even though I had no real idea of it, I just knew I was committed & I had no other options and there was no turning back now
I had some training videos around digital marketing, how to create your own websites, with affiliate marketing. I was starting all from scratch. I had somesome share with me some strategies, but this was always very briefly on phone calls. I learnt many skills and disciplines from the police and one of which was to be independent and be able to go and find the answers. So, I asked questions and if I didn’t understand something I would go and find the answers online. I did this day and night for about 6 months or so and I struggled, I found it challenging and I was exhausted and just wanted to give up. From being outside, every day was a new experience in the police to now behind a computer screen hours upon hours, in a small room trying to start all over again.
I was just told to keep going, lock myself up in the room and keep pushing to which I did. I then moved to building my first product, a simple squeeze page and put this on for sale online. I remember distinctively, being out and checking my emails. When I saw my first sales come in. it gave me a glimmer of hope, that there was some truth to having an online business. Initially just like everyone I thought, it would be easy and simple, I thought I would immediately be making millions overnight, even whilst I slept but this was further from the truth.
I had had my first success, I had a system. It worked but I knew I could do better and that I must do better as I had no savings left. All my years working in the police and money I had left, money from risking my life… gone… just like that. I was now barely getting by.
Having stable income to having an account now going into negative. It’s a scary place to be. I had something still, I had a product, I was able to do an online webinar class and I made just under $20,000 on a webinar!
My mind was still trying to process what just had happened as, I would never of believe it was possible to make that much in space of a few hours. That’s when there was a massive mental shift and the impossible became the possible.
The life of an entrepreneur is a road not taken by many. It is filled with many ups and down and it’s a scary place to be if you have children, responsibility and bills to pay.
I was persistent from that point forward, I invested whatever I had in to making more products, learning more. After a year of learning, doing and refining my system I knew anyone could do it. Communication was a strong skill of mine, one of many I had carried on with me from being a police officer. I then started to teach others what I had learned.
I always had a passion to help others and I thought what if I could teach others what I learnt and coach others and remove the learning curves and to simplify how an online business could be made using my own system and processes.
It been an incredible journey for me, full of pain, sacrifice but the rewards are great. I have launched multiple products, information products online, software’s and they have generated over 2 million dollars online. I have won multiple best No#1 Best seller awards online and have even been awarded as top seller for an INC5000 Digital marketing Company online.


I have also been able to help others launch their products, help with their marketing strategies and even do my own LIVE events and workshops both teaching and sharing the systems I’ve learnt and perfected over the last 7 Years.
I have always had a passion to help others, even in the police I would put my own life on the line to save other people. I know that the internet allows me to continue to help and even save people on a greater magnitude online.
My pledge will always be to train others, to teach everything I know. Along with my methods, my core disciplines I still retain from the police, I am very effective in what I do.
I am on a mission, to impact millions of lives across the world, a vision I had when I left the police and that is a mission I am on now and I will never give up on fulfilling my vision.
So, I extend my hand out to you and want you to join in this journey together.
Together anything is possible
Policing you to succeed online

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